A&C have extensive diagnostic equipment, Autologic dedicated diagnostics for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Dacia, Mercedes & BMW. Bosch & Autodiagnos for all other models, enabling us to find & rectify most electronic faults on modern vehicles.

The equipment connects to the vehicles diagnostic socket, where information is extracted in the form of fault codes & live information, this then helps us pinpoint the fault. The equipment diagnoses engine management, antilock braking, traction control, climate control air conditioning, service lights, air bags, most other vehicle systems.

We also offer a remapping service to improve both economy & performance, this includes rev limiter removal & speed limiter removal (only certain models). To enhance vehicle running we offer a Terraclean on vehicle cleaning service, this operation removes carbon from injectors, sensors, combustion area on both petrol & diesel, this helps reduce emissions, restore MPG & regain engine performance.

At A&C we also offer Bosch 4 wheel alignment, this enables us to accurately adjust suspension & steering to strict manufacturers specifications, this means less tyre wear, more MPG, less road noise, correct vehicle handling.

We can also adjust your vehicle to your own specification, rally cars, track day cars, drift cars, off road vehicles, using your own data it can be adjusted to suit your own driving style.

A&C carry many service items in stock, so customers are without their vehicles for the shortest time possible, when your MOT is due we will take your vehicle to the Test Centre for you, we will then either send a letter or text to remind you of the expiry date 1 month before it expires, this means you are always legal regarding your MOT.

Forte additives are used to treat fuel, power steering, cooling, transmission & engine issues.

We have a small waiting room offering free WIFI for those customers wishing to use it.